Imagination unplugged


Preservative Free. Environmentally Friendly. 110% Wild.

Prepare to enter a world that straddles the lines of art, luxury, gauche and gross.

Lost the Plot tackles topics that affect and engage the next generation of readers leaders while cutting through the bullshit.

Partnering with artists, designers, photographers and illustrators, Lost the Plot books are both beautiful and stimulating. Packed with content that entertains, provokes thought & debate, or simply makes you laugh like Dr. Hibbert.

Fun, fierce and factual – Lost the Plot aspires to spark change with innovative projects that enable the next generation of voices and artists to be heard.

Lost the Plot doesn’t conform to convention. Unplug, unfollow and leave the screen behind.

Join the reading revolution.

Founded in 2016 by Alison and Martin Green, Lost the Plot is an imprint of Pantera Press.